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Overcoming challenges and struggles by bringing wellbeing, joy and understanding back into your life

Relationships are a big focus of my work. Couples, from the newly married to those who have been together for decades; new parents and parents who have been parenting for years; and many teens, struggling to find their way.

I see common themes - struggle, overwhelm, pressure, stress, worry, guilt, misunderstanding, resentment, anger, loss of connection and loss of deeper feelings within the family. It always looks so unnecessary.

My husband lost his wife to cancer and was left with four young children. He is a lot older than me, from a very different background. I married him not out of insecurity or lack of options, rather by following a feeling and being guided. And that feeling did not let me down.

Twenty years later, we have been blessed with four more children. It’s a blended family dynamic that you might expect to have been a huge challenge but that’s not been the case. Yes, we have our ups and downs but we generally live in a beautiful feeling with one another; and when we lose it, we know where to look to find it again.

This is not simply good luck; it’s down to a helpful understanding that we were blessed to come across early in our marriage; it was taught by a simple man called Sydney Banks who had a profound realisation about human function and the true nature of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. His simple insights have led many to a deeper understanding of how we human beings work and vastly improved their lives.

I run a very busy Practice, working with individuals, couples and teens who are struggling in many ways. I have found that this understanding can be helpful for a person with anything they might be finding hard - anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorders etc. But, as it did for me, it can also significantly improve the feeling of life for someone who is doing well. I can’t meet personally with everyone who wants to learn more so I felt inspired to try and help individuals and families by running four online programmes. These will run all year round, starting this month with a ten-month programme, The Missing Link, which will be led by students of Sydney Banks sharing directly from his source material.

In October, I will begin a ten-week programme, focused on relationships. My husband and I will co-teach with leading pioneers in the field - people who share the wisdom that has allowed them to live in meaningful, happy and successful relationships for many decades.

This will be followed by a ten-week parenting series, again co-teaching with leading practitioners, themselves parents, who have discovered how to parent with ease and joy.

Finally, I will run an eight-week series for teens; I will be co-teaching with Dr Bill Pettit, an incredible psychiatrist who has shared this understanding and wisdom with his patients for over forty years; a man who believes and sees health in all people. I will also be joined by Dr Dicken Bettinger, a clinical psychologist who shares what he knows with deep love and understanding.

If you want to awaken the health and wisdom in your life, if you want to bring more joy to your relationships, if you want to experience parenting with ease, if you are or have a teenager and want to do better, or if you are simply looking for a gentler experience of life, these programmes will provide a means for you to do so.

The Missing Link - starting September 2021 Joyful Relationships - starting October 2021

Parenting with Ease - starting January 2022 Imperfectly Perfect Teens - starting April 2022 Buy two get a third free - use the code 3FOR2

Join us for a fresh, helpful and life changing learning experience. Ninety minutes per session; join live online, asking questions and interacting with the speakers, or listen later at your own leisure.

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