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A ten-week programme designed to help you live a life with less stress and overwhelm. Learn how to reduce anxiety and feel more contentment and happiness. See how to live more in the present and less in your thinking. This course will help show you how easy it is to quieten our minds, find more peaceful feelings and access our common sense and wisdom.


This programme is for anyone interested in hearing a simple, practical and helpful understanding that will improve your state of mind and bring a nice feeling to you and those around you. We will be sharing the Three Principles understanding and featuring acclaimed practitioners from around the world.


Regardless of whether you are experienced in, or new to, the Principles, this course will be of value for you. The understanding we talk about can help with any area of life including anxiety, low moods, addictions, relationships, stress, day-to-day functioning, bad habits, and parenting. In short, if you are a human being, going through the human experience, this programme will point you to an easier, more graceful and more productive way of life.


This 10-part series took place live from April 2022 - July 2022. 


Living Life Better series:

  1. What is my idea of a better life?
    Chana and Shaul Rosenblatt
  2. Resilience, people say we have it, is that true? If so, how do we access it?
    Cathy Casey
  3. Getting over yourself
    Dr George Pransky and Chana Rosenblatt
  4. What is anxiety and how do I get rid of it?
    Linda Pransky
  5. I am either in my life or in my thoughts
    Chana Rosenblatt, Sarah David & Abby Robbins
  6. Our true nature
    Dr Dicken Bettinger
  7. Living with difficult people
    Dr Mark Howard
  8. Optimism and pessimism
    Chana and Shaul Rosenblatt
  9. An easier time making decisions
    Chana & Shaul Rosenblatt
  10. Bringing more love into your life and the lives of those around you
    Jan Chipman

Living Life Better Series

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