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I’ve observed Chana as a loving parent, who brings out the best in her children. She has a kind soul and gentle spirit that calms children and adults. She is the perfect person to share enriching parenting guidance with others. Don’t hesitate to participate in this program. You won’t be sorry!

- Elsie Spittle

I found the intensive very helpful and can now lead a greater quality of life with less stress and more spirituality and understanding. I have also gained a greater understanding of myself and humanity which has shown me how to be more helpful to the people I support. Chana is a woman of great understanding and humility and has a true gift for helping people and changing the world for the better.

- D.C

I have known Chana for several years and she never ceases to amaze me with her grounded and clear understanding of the principles, especially in the context of parenting. If I were you, I would highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity. This program is as good as it gets!”

- Cathy Casey

I know Chana well and know how committed she is to share with parents and young people exciting new discoveries that have been proven to help people increase their overall level of well being.


As a psychologist and educator, I know that these programs will lead to invaluable insights and make life easier.” 

- Dr.  Dicken Bettinger


Since joining Chana on her mentorship programme I have made much progress in my sharing of the Three Principles understanding. The programme has helped me develop the confidence I need to work with clients and feel comfortable enough to share my own understanding of wisdom. Whilst working with Chana, I've developed my ability to help others, strengthening my grounding within the three principles alongside that. Chana is a wonderful and invested mentor. She is an incomparable teacher and the mentorship is invaluable as I always have support and input from her. I am now working daily with clients, helping them uncover their own wisdom and to see their own endless potential and possibility that we all have been gifted. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone looking to invest in their ability to share their wisdom and share what they have found so helpful in their own lives.

-  A.R

I spent a very fulfilling 3 days at an intensive with Chana. I really felt that it opened my eyes to a new way of perceiving things - even very difficult and troublesome issues. Chana was open, transparent, kind and attentive and I felt she was really holding space for me to express how I feel but more importantly guided me to see how my own thoughts and expectations were creating my own reality and that they weren't really 'true'. Since the intensive I have felt much more at ease and when I do suddenly feel 'off' I know better where to look (within) and am aware that my consciousness has dropped. I'd highly recommend Chana to anyone who wants to see how we create our own reality and how peace of mind is within reach of us all. 

- Nicole

Thanks so much for letting us be part of this project. It was truly a great experience for me. I saw that the only thing you have to focus on when supporting an individual is to point them to see their own wisdom. No agenda, no hurry, no changing. So far I have seen six individuals and two couples in my community with different issues and I was able to focus every person to show them their own wisdom and how their challenges can be resolved on their own and it has been a tremendous experience.

- Rabbi Tussie

Whilst shadowing Chana and her team during work experience at CR Practice, I have gained so much from watching their hard yet rewarding work. My week was full of lovely feeling and insight and the focus that Chana was able to give me throughout her busy week was so helpful - I'm so grateful! My week has taught me so much, whether it was hearing from clients and speakers with whom we sat in or learning from the wonderful members of staff themselves. Thank you!

- Tzila, age 17, year 12, Teens Programme

Working with Chana has changed my life for the better. Chana is someone who has a generous and loving heart! I can't recommend working with her enough.
I highly recommend getting involved in the programmes she runs as these courses will enhance your day to day life. 

- L.F

The day I arrived at my first meeting with Chana my life changed to 180 degrees. 
For a long time I was in a depressive state of mind and I couldn’t see how I can get out of it. Chana shared with me the concept  of the 3 principles, and even if I was a bit sceptical I was opening to learn as I desperately wanted to get out of the depression and start to live a happy life.  She also gave me books to read and understand even more of what she was trying to show me. Finally when I start understanding the power of thought, my life changed, I started seeing the world different, started to understand myself, love myself and all my relationships become better. My life is brighter, everything seems to go in the right direction and I feel like I finally arrived back  home. 
Eternally grateful for everything Chana shared with me. For sure I will continue my experience with the 3 principles and make sure I’m always surrounded by them and the community that share the same vision of life.

- A-D

 I want to thank you for the incredible time I spent with you.  That was really life - changing: I feel so much calmer, happier and less nervous about life. I recently went through a few dramatic weeks with some health challenges, Yet it was a very positive and calm experience, this certainly wouldn't have been so without your courses and the time we spent together. Thank you.

- S.T.

Chana is a fantastic practitioner of the Three Principles. Her insight is very profound and her ability to communicate that to her listeners is wonderful. There is no situation too tough that she doesn't have an answer to or a different perspective to take on it.  She has made me think more deeply and from an alternative viewpoint in order to better understand my state of mind and how it impacts my perceived reality. Moreover, she encourages you to examine your thoughts on a deeper level and has helped me to see that my thoughts are not me, they are merely just a transient part of the human experience and better yet we get to choose which thoughts to entertain and which to simply experience. Invaluable. 

- N.E

We had the privilege of teaching Chana and discovered that she herself was a very gifted teacher. 

One of the reasons you should do this course is that Chana has a wonderful relationship with her husband, and she knows what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to relationships. 

- Linda and Dr. George Pransky

I can honestly say that working with Chana has changed my life for good. Having struggled with anxiety and intrusive thoughts for many years now, I am able to see that it doesn’t need to be this difficult and that there is a more peaceful experience of life available for all of us if we are just prepared to look for it. Chana has an abundant source of patience and wisdom and is always able to steer the conversation to point out something helpful on any given point no matter what you choose to bring to the table. Without a doubt, this is the best use of my time and money I have ever spent.

- J.F

I had the privilege to observe a one-on-one intensive with chana and her client. I was fascinated seeing how the client came in challenged by what she felt was a variety of different personal struggles, and how she left with a sense of calm, quiet and a new perspective on life and human function. Chana managed to convey to the client how they can access their inner wisdom in all areas of life, through listening to her client and guiding her to find her own innate well-being. It was truly a humbling experience to witness.

- B.G

I am doing great and increasingly managing to see how I can apply our talks to real life. It's unimaginable how much can change from just a few conversations. It reminds me of the distance between north and south, not miles, not yards, not even meters - just one turn. It's that shift in our minds (however slow that process is) that makes all the difference! I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for opening my eyes and in effect, opening doors to a new world of inner peace

-  C.F

I love the work that Chana is doing with families, couples and individuals. She is so versatile that she can work with anyone! Chana is very humble and is always a student. She challenges herself to continue to evolve and as a result her work is fresh, alive and profoundly simple. She touches your heart with her feeling and then points you to the simplicity and possibility of happiness!

- Christine Heath

I had the privilege of joining the programme during my week of work experience. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding about myself through learning the Three Principles. I truly admire Chana’s honesty and determination to help people grasp onto a life of tranquillity and peacefulness. The programme has taught me so much and I am so grateful to Chana and her team for showing me how to live a calmer and more stable life. The atmosphere in the office is incredible and I hope to be back soon.

- Levana, age 17, year 12, Teens Programme

Just wanted to say thank you. I’m so grateful that I got to spend the week learning and growing so much. I think you have changed my life forever!

L.C, age 17, year 12, Teens Programme

I have learnt so much from my week here. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding on how to manage my thoughts in a productive way and in a way which I have never before and I'm sure will really positively impact my life. It has also been so interesting to see and experience how other people reflect on their thoughts and emotions and there is a lot that I can take and learn from that as well. I am so grateful to Chana and her team for everything they have done and taught me this week, they have truly changed the way I view life.

- Rachel, age 17, year 12, Teens Programme

Thank you so much for bringing this course to us. I have really enjoyed it. I have found it to be really life changing and really hoping there will be another course offered soon.

- Women's Programme Participant

Chana is the best teacher I have ever had. She taught me where my experience of life was coming from and how to manage life in a more graceful way. I had never experienced the hopefulness that this understanding brought, Chana showed me that I could have freedom in my own life and choices. This immeasurably changed my experience of all my relationships.

- Sarah David 

Chana has really helped me to challenge my thinking and view many things in my life from a new perspective. She is so easy to talk to and I never feel judgment from her which really allowed me to open up and express some difficult feelings. I feel I have really benefited from my sessions with her. As well as working on my own thinking, I am also trying to share some of her ideas with my children in order for them to have a better understanding of how their minds work in the hope that they will not experience some of the struggles I did when I was growing up.

- J.W

Chana has a deep connection to her inner wisdom and has a true gift for helping others access theirs.  She always shares from the heart and is very knowledgeable about healthy, loving relationships, as demonstrated by her own life.

- Chip and Jan Chapman

I have known Chana for thirteen years and have watched as she has evolved into one of the most lucid and impactful facilitators in awakening the innate mental wellbeing present in every human being.  She listens with presence and compassion and shares the spiritual truth pointed to by the metaphor of the Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, with genuine ‘down to earth’ common sense and wisdom.

- Dr. Bill Petit

I have recently started on Chana’s Mentorship Training Program and had the incredible experience of observing a 3-day intensive with a client. It was magical to watch insight occur in areas where the client had previously struggled. I watched Chana support her through stumbling blocks which have created challenging times for her over many many years.


Personally, through observation I have gained a tremendous amount of understanding and am confident that this experience will help me in my own life circumstances as well as in the role of a helper to those around me.

- J. F

Chana offers great depth and practicality in her work, always combining meaningful stories and examples from daily life and a profound spiritual understanding that touches hearts  and souls with truth and wisdom. Chana’s parenting series will affect you deeply, inspire trust in your own and your children's innate wisdom, and revitalise the joy of being a parent.

- Judy Sedgeman

Whilst I was at CR Practice shadowing Chana for only a week during work experience I gained so much from and learnt things about the ways of thought that were extremely beneficial and changed my way of thinking for the better. Chana and her team showed me how to deal with issues and difficult thoughts and the right way to deal with them for a more positive and effective outcome. Whilst being in the office and attending zoom meetings with Chana there was always a calming and reassuring atmosphere around, and this was something I had never experienced before. I am so lucky and privileged that I was able to have this experience and was amazed with the improvement of my thinking after being in the office for only one week. 

- Maaya, age 17, year 12, Teens Programme

It might sound cliché but I credit Chana for totally transforming my life. With her warmth, her kindness and her straightforward style, she showed me what was possible where I had previously just seen a dead end. She never looked to solve a problem or advise, but rather she gently pointed to universal truths and to our innate resilience. With a light hearted and good feeling, the dark clouds of worry, anxiety and tension just dissipated and I filled up with a warm feeling of hope instead.


Today,  my wife and I live with such gratitude that Chana was able to help us at that crucial juncture. Because of what we learnt from her, we are able to live as a wholesome, happy couple, with love and understanding. And life, with all its challenges, seems simpler to navigate. And when we momentary forget these truths, we know to just wait it out until we gain fresh insight to see it differently. 

- Y.G

Working with Chana has genuinely revolutionized and transformed my life. Chana is truly gifted and incredibly wise, she is the first ‘therapist’ I have seen that has had a positive impact on me.


I went into my first session feeling nervous and anxious and very quickly was able to relax due to Chana’s sense of calm. Chana has an immense amount of insight which she used to point me to new areas of thinking. Chana was able to pinpoint almost immediately that the challenges I’ve been experiencing in life all came down to one or two areas . Working with Chana through my challenges, Chana questioned my thinking and assumptions and challenged me in a really simple but honest way, helping me to see and realise rather quickly and easily that there’s a better way to go through life, guiding me to my own sense of wellbeing. By the time we had finished the last session, I felt much lighter and was able to let go of issues that I’ve struggled with for more than 20 years. I’m confident, thanks to Chana, that I am now able to improve my relationships and have a better and more enjoyable experience of life. 

- E.R

Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family over the years, in particular, how you held my hand and mentored me throughout some of my acute difficulties. You gave me love and hope. Your belief in me and in my abilities to find the strength to reinvent myself, and your kindness in showing me how to move on, really helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for everything. 

- R.G.

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