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Parenting Series:

  • Jan 11. Partnering with Gd in assisting souls on a journey

  • Jan 25. Levels of understanding - children on a learning curv

  • Mar 1. Expectations vs Vision

  • Mar 15. Listening to the feeling - listening with a present mind

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Relationships Series

  • Oct 5. What I give v.s What I take - a fresh and new outlook at relationships

  • Oct 19. Separate realities

  • Nov 2. What we know about Expectations

  • Nov 23. Listening to the feelings

  • Dec 7. Win the relationship not the fight.

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Teen Series

  • May 3. How do we live with and understand moods so they don’t take over our lives?

  • May 17. What I know today about thought and feeling that I wish I would have known when I was 16.

  • Jun 7. Knowing to listen and recognise common sense and wisdom

  • Jun 21. Living less with anxiety, stress and worry and more in content and happiness

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Missing Link Series

  • April 4th

  • July 11th

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Chana Rosenblatt
CEO & Founder, CR Practice

Chana is originally from Israel and moved to the UK in 2001 when she married her husband Shaul. Together they are blessed with eight beautiful children and seven grandchildren.


Chana has been working and sharing the Three Principles for over a decade. Chana originally trained in family counselling before coming across the Three Principles in 2011. Seeing this approach as revolutionary, she turned her focus in this direction completely. She graduated from the One Thought Professional Institute in 2012 and was a faculty member from 2013 – 2019. Chana has been mentored by many of Sydney Banks’s students, including Dr George and Linda Pransky, Dr Mark Howard, Dr Bill Pettit and Elsie Spittle.


Currently, Chana is the Director of CR Practice. Since 2012, CR Practice has shared the Three Principles understanding with packages specifically designed for different sectors of the community including youth, students, educators, trainee practitioners, individuals, couples, parents and families.


Chana has also developed and facilitated an eighteen-month Training Programme for the Rabbinic Training Academy in London and is the Wellbeing Director of Better World Charity. She is also the Director of the Wellbeing Clinic where she mentors and develops new practitioners who are looking for a deeper understanding and more experience in sharing the Three Principles.


Chana is a regular presenter at seminars around the world and speaks annually at the 3PUK conference in London.


Languages: Hebrew and English

Calm Waters


Chana has a kind soul and gentle spirit - Elsie Spittle
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