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Bringing understanding and joy back to teenagers.


Open to all teenagers looking for a gentler and more meaningful experience of life.


This 8-week series will change the way teenagers see themselves and the world. It will improve interactions with others, reduce stress and anxiety, increase confidence and ultimately bring more happiness and understanding in life.


The programme is designed to help teenagers find freedom of thought and appreciation of their true, spiritual, nature.


Sharing The Three Principles which lie behind all human function and development, we will show teenagers that all feelings are temporary and that there is nothing to fear in the experience of life. Through this series, we will teach your child how to keep their mind clean and healthy, how simple this is to do and how life-changing it can be.


We are honoured to have hosted Dr Dicken Bettinger and Dr Bill Pettit who have been sharing this profound, helpful and hopeful understanding for over 40 years.


Dr Bill Pettit was previously US board–certified in adult, adolescent, and geriatric psychiatry and psycho-somatic (mind-body) medicine. In addition, he was twice certified in addiction medicine. He worked as a psychiatrist for over forty years, during thirty-five of which, he shared the Principles within his practice.


Session 3: What I know today about thought and feeling that I wish I had known when I was 16 
Speaker: Chana Rosenblatt


Imperfectly Perfect Teens sessions:

  1. How do we live with and understand moods so they don’t take over our lives
    Speaker: Chana Rosenblatt
  2. The nature of thought - mind and body connection
    Speaker: Dr. Bill Pettit
  3. What I know today about thought and feeling that I wish I had known when I was 16
    Speaker: Chana Rosenblatt
  4. Listening to Our Virus Detector and Trusting Our Guide Inside
    Speaker: Dr. Bill Pettit
  5. Knowing to listen and recognise common sense and wisdom
    Speaker: Chana Rosenblatt
  6. Happiness and Sanity is Always and Effortlessly Available
    Speaker: Dr. Bill Pettit
  7. Finding Your Well-being
    Speaker: Dr. Dicken Bettinger
  8. Finding your True Self. The Key to Living Life with Confidence
    Speaker: Chip and Jan Chipman


This 8-part series took place live from May - July 2022. You can buy more sessions or the full series at


Shop now to access the live recordings to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Imperfectly Perfect Teens S3, with Chana & Shaul Rosenblatt

  • mp3 (audio)

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