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This series will help you to have gentler and more meaningful experiences in any kind of relationship.


This 10-week programme, will change the way you interact with others; bringing you more ease, joy, gratitude and understanding.


Sharing the Three Principles behind all human function and development, through this relationship series, we will uncover the simplicity that is available to us, guiding you to lighter and more graceful interactions with those who you love.


We are honoured to be hosting international speakers from around the globe who have been sharing this profound, helpful and hopeful understanding for over forty years.


  1. What I give vs what I take. A fresh and new outlook on relationships. Speakers: Chana and Shaul Rosenblatt
  2. Understanding moods in relationships. Speakers: Rohini and Angus Ross
  3. Separate realities. Speakers: Chana and Shaul Rosenblatt
  4. Awakening to the feeling of love in yourself to fix your relationship struggles. Speaker: Christine Heath
  5. What we know about expectations. Speakers: Chana and Shaul Rosenblatt
  6. The Secret Behind Joyful Relationships. Speakers: Linda and Dr. George Pransky 
  7. Listening to the feeling. Speakers: Chana and Shaul Rosenblatt
  8. Forgiveness. Speakers: Dr. Mark Howard
  9. Win the relationship, not the fight. Speakers: Chana and Shaul Rosenblatt
  10. Keeping the feeling of love alive. Speakers Chip and Jan Chipman


This series took place live from September 2021 - December 2021.


Shop now to access the live recordings to transform and change your relationships.

Joyful Relationships - All 1-10

  • mp3 (audio)

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