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This four-week programme is powerful, helpful, profound and life-changing. The Listening Seminar will change the way you listen in a lasting and meaningful way. By joining this programme, you will find a new level of understanding around listening and will learn to listen with intent and meaning.


We will be joined by leading speakers, hear from Dr Mark Howard, Chip Chipman and Shaul and Chana Rosenblatt, students of Sydney Banks and Three Principle practitioners.


You will learn:

  • Learn how to master the art of listening
  • Learn to listen with a quiet mind
  • Learn to listen beyond the words and symptomology
  • Learn to listen for your own feeling level/ state of mind
  • Learn to listen and recognise common sense and wisdom in yourself and in others
  • Learn to listen to be present and find connection
  • Learn to listen within and be guided by your own inner wisdom.


This 4-part series took place live in January - February 2023: 


  1. Session 1, Listening with a quiet mind - being present and finding connection - with Chana & Shaul Rosenblatt
  2. Session 2, Listening to wisdom - recognise the wisdom in yourself and others - with Dr Mark Howard
  3. Session 3, Listening beyond the words - listening to the feeling, with Shaul and Chana Rosenblatt
  4. Session 4, Listening within - Being guided by own inner wisdom, with Chip Chipman

Listening Series

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