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A 12-part monthly series based on The Missing Link, Reflections on Philosophy & Spirit by Sydney Banks. Hear from Syd's students across the globe as they share what stands out for them whilst they reflect on their learning curve and some of Syd's writings.


We are honoured to have hosted a wonderful line-up of international speakers who have been sharing this profound, helpful and hopeful understanding for over forty years.


The Missing Link series:

  1. Introduction & The Missing Link
    Speaker: Dr. Bill Pettit
  2. The Theosopher
    Speaker: Christine Heath
  3.  The Three Principles
    Speaker: Dr. Mark Howard
  4. Mind and Consciousness
    Speaker: Dr. Dicken Bettinger
  5. Thought
    Speaker: Linda Pransky
  6. The Duality of Life
    Speaker: Dr. George Pransky
  7. Seeking Enlightenment
    Speaker: Dr. Judy Sedgeman
  8. Selecting a Teacher
    Speaker: Chana and Shaul Rosenblatt
  9. Living in the Now
    Speaker: Chip Chipman
  10. Feelings
    Speaker: Cathy Casey
  11. Love and Forgiveness
    Speakers: Jan Chipman
  12. Wisdom
    Speaker: Chip Chipman


This 12-part series took place live from September 2021 - July 2022

The Missing Link

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