The Three Principles behind all human experience


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We teach an understanding, uncovered by Sydney Banks, known as the Three Principles. These three principles – mind, consciousness and thought, create all human experience, and influence and impact all human behaviour. We provide a range of services designed to awaken your understanding and help guide you towards your own inner wisdom and wellbeing.

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The Missing Link
Sharing from the source, the gift that keeps giving. Chapter by chapter, hear from Syd’s closest students and friends as they reflect on their personal understanding of his seminal book.

Starting Monday 13 September

Bringing wellbeing, understanding and joy into your family and life

Shaul and Chana Rosenblatt together with a fantastic line-up of speakers who will be sharing their understanding of how relationships can thrive through their ups and downs. 

Children are one of life’s greatest gifts - and also one of it’s greatest challenges. Shaul and Chana Rosenblatt, along with international guest speakers, will guide you towards parenting with ease.

Join Chana, Dr Bill Pettit and Dr Dicken Bettinger as they help your teenager find freedom of thought and appreciation of their true spiritual nature. 

Mentorship Training

A 6-month mentorship programme to take you to the next level of understanding

"Throughout time, human beings have experienced insights that spontaneously and completely changed their behaviour and their lives, bringing them happiness they previously had thought impossible."

Sydney Banks

What people say...

Chana is a fantastic practitioner of the Three Principles. Her insight is very profound and her ability to communicate that to her listeners is wonderful. There is no situation too tough that she doesn't have an answer to or a different perspective to take on it. 

- Nicky

Meet Chana
Chana Rosenblatt, the founder of the practice, came across the Three Principles’ teachings of Sydney Banks over a decade ago. It sparked her on a journey of self-discovery and development, which positively affected, and ultimately transformed her whole life. Chana is inspired to share this understanding with others and is a gifted teacher, deeply connected to her inner wisdom; she emanates a kind soul and gentle spirit. 

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